Finally something that unifies handball clubs and sports centre management....

More than 1.000 handball clubs / sport centres have invested in PIXOFF.

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How PIXOFF works

PIXOFF sends warm air towards the ball to soften the dried in resin. A rotating nylon brush is placed behind the jet of warm air. When the resin is softened, the ball is placed against the rotating brush which "sweeps" the old resin of the ball.

How long it takes

The process is repeated until the whole surface of the ball is "swept" clean, which takes around 5 minutes per ball.

How about the results

The ball's surface is clean again, and it also regains its original softness. The quality of the ball is dramatically improved, and the process can be repeated again and again.


Handball club:

"PIXOFF has delayed the need to buy new handballs for the foreseeable future, as the "old" handball, after the PIXOFF treatment, are as good as new."

Sports centre manager:

"With PIXOFF the number of black resin marks on the sports centre floor is substantially reduced, and we save a couple of hours a week on cleaning."

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PIXOFF, perfectly simple

  • Handball clubs save money on new balls since the lifetime of their current handballs is extended.
  • Sports centre managers save time and money on cleaning because the cleaned balls don't leave as many black resin marks.







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